Best Lotto Strategy

winner3If you were told there were lotto strategies out there that can significantly help your chances of winning the lotto, would you believe them? Even more so would you believe them if they claimed you can win on more than one occasion? Most people would doubt such claims as they should, until they are proven and utilized by real people. So the real question is, would you believe someone who has used these same strategies and won over and over again?

There are certain rules in any game of odds that must be followed in order to win anything at all.

If you don’t play, you don’t win!

If you are already a regular player then you are already one step closer to the jackpot than the person who sits on the couch and wonders how they can win the lottery. The next step in achieving that first win is to play in a unique and systematic way. Doesn’t matter which lottery you play, from Lotto Max, Mega Millions, Mega bucks, or UK Lotto or which ever lotteries are in your country, there are always ways to increase chances of winning big or small more than once. If this doesn’t make sense yet, hang on the best is yet to come below.

How To Make Winning Easier?

Lets understand a very important point first. Choosing a set of numbers correctly and winning the lottery is the end goal. However the same numbers probably will not hit again in your lifetime, if they do you would be shocked.  The fact is number sequences don’t keep repeating regularly. If they do at all it is very rare. So the easiest thing to do to increase your odds is to bet against this strategy.

Several lotteries have published this fact. Lotto Max being one of them stated that they had 5 different combos occur 5 different times previously. Which claims that a set of 3 numbers was hit at least 5 times.  And since this lottery requires seven numbers to win, it’s highly unlikely that any combos would hit over and over again regularly. The odds are 1 in 90 million to hit the jackpot.

Odds Increase When You Choose Winning Numbers

So how do you further increase your odds of winning? One technique is to stick to numbers that are frequently in the set of winning numbers. Make combos of 2, 3 or 4 numbers and use them regularly.

best lotto strategy

All stats for any lottery game can be found at the official lottery’s website. Search for the numbers that most commonly hit in the winning numbers. From that create your own set of combos and keep alternating them from time to time. You can play multiple tickets at the same time and use all combos too. Obviously the more tickets and combos you play the more you increase your odds of winning.

Make It Easy On Yourself With Lotto Software!

Believe it or not you don’t have to go through all the work mentioned above if you don’t want to. Simply use a reputable software program to simply the process and in fact make it more accurate and laser targeted.

Most Lotto software comes compatible with most lotteries including UK Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions and all other major lotteries in the world. It’s a versatile software because it adapts to any size of winning numbers. Your lottery could have 5, 6, or 7, winning numbers and it would work just as great for all of them. Lotto software is claimed to have an 87% success rate.  Lottery players who have used this have manged to increase odds from 1 in 59 to 1 in 39 for US Power-ball. The software does what it’s supposed to do, in helping you to increase your odds of winning. One thing to understand though is that it will help you win more often, but not designed to help you win the jackpot or grand prize.  Nevertheless its nice to keep winning often even if its not the grand prize.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Lotto Strategy?

Simply play the lotto. However to increase your chances of winning select a few popular number combinations, from the tips above. Be consistent in your plays. The lotto crusher software can automate your number picking process and give you much better odds. A decent edge in winning is better than no edge at all, especially when it come to winning big.  It’s the difference in not winning at all and winning 3 numbers, or winning 3 numbers and winning 7 numbers. Big difference in each. Figure out the best strategy that can work for you and implement it right away. All the tools are available to you.